Arc is finally here

I am very excited I have been waiting a long time for Arc to make an appearance.

From the top Installation (Official Guide)

Intro and Tutorial (Official)


Download Racket aka MzScheme -
Latest Arc Version is 3.1 Announcement

Cmdline Setup:

My .bash_profile

alias mzscheme='/Applications/Racket_v5.0.2/bin/mzscheme'
alias arc='pushd /Users/smorin/code/arc3.1/; mzscheme -f as.scm; pushd'
alias arcdir='cd /Users/smorin/code/arc3.1/'

Old instructions

Step 2:

Step 3

Install MzScheme

$chmod 777
$ ./

smorin@smorin-desktop-dell-linux:~/Desktop$ ./ This program will extract and install MzScheme v352.

Note: the required diskspace for this installation is about 20M.

Do you want a Unix-style distribution?
In this distribution mode files go into different directories according to Unix conventions. A "plt-uninstall" script will be generated to make it possible to remove the installation. If say 'no', the whole PLT directory is kept as a single (movable and erasbale) unit, possibly with external links into it.
*** Caution: this is an experimental feature.
Enter yes/no (default: no)
- SELECT: no

Where do you want to install the "mz" directory tree?
1 - /usr/mz [default]
2 - /usr/local/mz
3 - $HOME/mz (/home/smorin/mz)
4 - ./mz (here)
Or enter a different directory to install in.
- SELECT: 3 "$HOME/mz (/home/smorin/mz)"

Checking the integrity of the binary archive... ok.
Unpacking into "/home/smorin/mz"... done.
Do you want to install new system links within the bin, lib, include, man, and doc subdirectories of "/home/smorin", possibly overriding existing links?
- SELECT: N (No)

All done.

Step 4:

Install Arc

$tar xvf arc0.tar

Start Arc using the command: (note: If your not in the arc dir it won't work.)

$cd ~/
$cd arc0
smorin@smorin-desktop-dell-linux:~/arc0$ ~/mz/bin/mzscheme -m -f as.scm
Use (quit) to quit, (tl) to return here after an interrupt.

If you ^C an Arc program, you'll get the Scheme REPL. Use (tl) to get back to the Arc REPL. Scheme Documentation

>(exit 0) /* comment will exit mzscheme */

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